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Microscope Services

Objective Rebuilding

Led Upgrade: Upgrade any microscope to L.E.D illumination

Heated stage retrofit

Finger Spring Replacement

Slide Holder Repair

Stage x/y axis rebuilding ( Ball bearings falling out, Stage not tracking correctly, Stiff controls)

Investment Casting (custom made rack and pinion gears, Focus drive gears)

Electronics Repair (switches, bulb holders, power supplies, Rheostats, Potentiometer)

Prism Replacement and Alignment

Auxiliary Transformer Rebuilding

Focus Assembly Repair


Digital Microscopy

Laboratory Microscope

Research Microscopes (Fluorescent, DIC, Phase, Reflective)

Motorized Microscopes (stage scanning, focus drive, Motorized Filter Cubes)

Surgical Microscopes (surgery centers, ENT, Ophthalmologist)

Metallurgical Microscopes

Industrial Microscopes

Stereo Microscope

Colposcope (OB/GYN)

Digital Inspection System ( Zoom Lens and Camera on a stand)

Magnification measurement calibration N.I.S.T Traceable

Centrifuge tachometer Calibration N.I.S.T Traceable

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We service the states in the shaded area on the map.

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