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Same as the 3012 except with trinocular viewing head


Crisp, High Resolution Images at an Affordable Price


ACCU-SCOPE's 3012 Series features our E-Plan Achromat Infinity objectives which are renowned for crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution. Modular in design the 3012 boasts options for entry level fluorescence applications, phase contrast, darkfield and simple polarization.

Ease of Viewing, Maximum Flexibility


With 22mm field of view eyepieces and an eyepoint height that is adjustable, it can be raised 35mm by rotating the eyepiece tubes up 180° to accommodate the needs of various users.

Sharp, High Resolution Optics


ACCU-SCOPE's Infinity E-plan objectives provide users with best in class high resolution, high contrast objectives. Objectives are available in plan achromat and plan phase configurations.

Rackless Stage


The rackless, scratch resistant rectangular stage has low-positioned X-Y coaxial controls.

3013 Trinocular Compound Microscope

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