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The new Excelis™ 4K Ultra High Definition color camera delivers fast, full 4K, 2160p live images to a 4K monitor.  The Excelis 4K produces video and images with outstanding color performance, exceptional resolution and clarity for microscopy imaging in clinical, research and educational environments.  The Excelis 4K gives you 3 ways to connect and view images.  Connect directly to a 4K monitor with the included HDMI cable and control the camera via its built-in software -- no need for a PC!  Connect the camera to a PC with the supplied USB 3.0 cable and use our full-featured CaptaVision+ imaging software to control the camera, snap and measure images.  Connect the camera to an Ethernet port and it can be controlled via a PC connected to the same local area network (LAN) via CaptaVision+ software.  The new CaptaVision+ software also brings a new dimension to imaging with real-time stitching, real-time intelligent flatfield correction, depth of field fusion, dynamic measurements, and much more

Excelis 4K

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Excelis 4K UHD Camera (AU-800-4K)
    Sensor 2/3" Sony IMX183C color CMOS, 2.4µm pixels
    Resolution 8MP; 3840 (H) x 2160 (V)
    Frame Rate

    HDMI: 30fps@3840x2160
    USB 3.0: 25fps@3840x2160
    Ethernet: 30fps@3840x2160

    Image Capture 8MP / USB 3.0 memory stick (not included)
    Exposure Time 2ms—10s
    White Balance Auto / Manual
    Settings Gain, gamma, saturation
    Data Interface USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet
    Imaging Software

    HDMI: Built-in (Cloud 1.0)

    PC (USB 3.0/Ethernet): CaptaVision+ Imaging Software (for PC and Mac OS)
    Advanced Camera Controls: live and still image measurement and annotation, real-time flatfield correction; extended depth of focus (focus stacking); real-time image stitching;
    fluorescence image settings; fluorescence multi-color channel mixer merge; HDR (High Dynamic Range) function
    Image Types: JPG, PNG, TIF and DICOM (not available for Mac OS)

    System Requirements (for PC Imaging Software) Intel Processor (Core i5 or higher); 8GB RAM or more; USB 3.0 required
    Power Supply 12V with dedicated power supply
    Lens Mount C-Mount lens adapter, 0.65X recommended
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