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The BA310E is designed for the rigors of daily routine work in the demanding applications of Universities, Clinics, Laboratories and any other life science or medical application requiring quality optical performance.



Based upon the successful BA310 microscope, the Motic BA310 Elite was designed for use in universities, clinics, and laboratories. With many improvements over its predecessor, the BA310 Elite was created to offer versatility and ease of use, all in a cost-effective and durable package.


The BA310E features a fully interchangeable illumination system, enabling multiple styles with the same microscope. While maintaining the full Koehler illumination feature, users can easily switch from a 6v/30w Halogen lamp to a 3w LED. Furthermore, Motic offers LED lamps with two different color temperatures – 4500K and 6000K.


The BA310E also includes Motic’s new EC Plan Achromat objectives. The EC series feature increased working distances, greatly reducing sample contamination when switching from oil to dry lenses. And with significantly improved field flatness and resolution, these provide a fully corrected intermediate image without colored fringes.


This microscope can also be easily upgraded for additional modes of operation. Motic offers optional hardware and optics for polarization, phase contrast as well as darkfield. Please see the tab labeled “Accessories” for a full selection of objectives, sliders, and much more.

**Picture is for reference only. The actual product may differ from the picture shown. Please refer to description for exact product.

Motic BA310E

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