The Panthera L is a true ‘smart’ microscope, distinguished by its remarkable variety of built-in digital capabilities.

Its Smart CAM digital head and the ImagingOnDevice System simplifies daily work by allowing the user to directly connect their microscope to an HDMI screen and interact with it using a mouse.  Panthera L users can also connect the microscope to a tablet running the Panthera App and the LAN port offers the option of running a DigiClass, or remote image sharing. Beyond its digital capabilities, the Panthera L has an astonishing list of premium features. These include a rackless mechanical stage, interchangeable LED/Halogen illumination sources, and a wide variety of available contrast techniques.

In addition, The Panthera L features Motic LightTracer technology, enabling the user to make customized lighting presets for each objective. Other premium components include Infinity Corrected Plan UC Achromat objectives, a .90/1.25 Abbe condenser, and an LED coded nosepiece to indicate light intensity. What this amounts to is a microscope which can yield images of astounding quality.

All this and more puts the Panthera L among the most fully featured and advanced upright compound microscopes offered by Motic.


  • UC-WF10X/22 Eye Pieces
  • Digital Smart Cam Head
  • Infinity Corrected Plan UC Achromatic 4X to 100X Objectives
  • Quintuple/Coded Nosepiece
  • HDMI Touch Screen
  • N.A. 0.90/1.25 Abbe Condenser
  • Rackless Mechanical Stage
  • 3W LED/30W Hal Transmitted Illumination
  • Kohler Illumination
  • Smart Cam ImagingOnDevice
  • Optional USB for External Wifi
  • LED Nosepiece Light Intensity Indicator
  • Able to Perform BF PH POL DF FL MMC Contrast Techniques
  • Digital Intensity Knob
  • Motic LightTracer

**Picture is for reference only. The actual product may differ from the picture shown. Please refer to description for exact product.

Panthera L