Designed for usage in schools, the Panthera S includes several features to make this model ideal for school use.


A 180° rotatable head and an integrated power cord compartment help to save space for mass storage. Also included are ASC optics, and an extreme efficient low power led illumination. This enables the Panthera S to run on a mobile battery pack for several hours, while offering vivid, high quality images. Other premium features include Infinity Corrected Plan Achromat objectives for images free of aberration or blur, a .90/1.25 Abbe condenser to yield better images at high magnification, and an LED coded nosepiece to indicate light intensity.



  • N-WF10X/20 Eye Pieces
  • Bino/Trino/180° Head
  • Infinity Corrected Plan Achromat 4X to 100X Objectives
  • Quadruple Nosepiece
  • N.A. 0.90/1.25 Abbe Condenser
  • LED Transmitted Illumination
  • Fixed Kohler Illumination USB for External Camera
  • LED Nosepiece Light Intensity Indicator
  • Able to Perform BF PH DF Contrast Techniques

**Picture is for reference only. The actual product may differ from the picture shown. Please refer to description for exact product.

Panthera S